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Wollie (Volley) Boehm – Writer/Director/DoP/Editor/Colourist


Wollie (pronounced Volley) is originally from South Africa, currently living in London. She started her creative career with an English degree, which progressed onto an exciting journey into the technological worlds of business, IT, Telecoms, New Media and 3D Virtual World R&D which inspired her to do a post graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence. She is a skilled experienced film maker with a growing portfolio of award winning short and feature scripts and films.

She studied script writing and film directing at the National film and Television School in Beaconsfield and works as a cinematographer, editor, colourist and director on commercial and corporate projects.

If you are interested in her work or would like a hired gun to help with your project then please email her at wollie[@]VolVentures.com or get in contact via the contact page to discuss.

If you have an intriguing proposition that you think might be of interest as a collaborative project, do get in touch as Wollie is always keen to get involved in the telling of a good story.

Her authored work can best be described as fiction and creative works which explore strong, complex, female characters in a-typical roles and situations not usually associated with female characters e.g. baddies, bullies, masterminds, murderers, Casanovas and superheroes…

Filmography: (for an overview click here!)

    “Buttons” (Short) 2016 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Heaven’s to Betsy” (Short) 2016 – VFX/Editor & Colourist
    “Who Let The Dogs In” (Doc) in Post – Cinematographer
    “Caught in Amber” (Short) 2015 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “He Loves Me” (Short) 2015 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “Reebok – Be more human” (Commercial) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Positive Dog Training” (Promo) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Planet Raw” (Promo) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Finding a Champion” (Short) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/VFX/Editor & Colourist
    “Cat Sitting” (Short) 2014 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “Saying Sorry” (Short) 2012 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “First Out’s Last Orders” (Doc) 2012 – Director/Producer
    “Repaid In Full” (Short) 2012 – Cinematographer
    “Route 66 – UK” (Music Video) 2011 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor
    “Endless Road – The Panics” (Music Video) 2011 – Director/Editor
    “The Red Rose” (Short) 2010 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Surf Footage” (Short) 2009 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor
    “Fruit Wars” (Short) 2009 – Director/Animator


Drama/Narrative Showreel

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Upcoming Film Projects: (for an overview click here!)

Wollie has a number of exciting projects currently in various stages of development including:

      “RISK” an erotic web series about three strong women in a love triangle.


      “Jack” a film noir web series,


      “Simulation” a low budget sci-fi romance,


      “Alice” a romantic comedy set in South Africa


    “High Rack”, a feature animation about a fox and a chicken that fall in love.




“High Rack: The story of an unlikely friendship”, an adult fable, based on a true story, about a young fox and a baby chick who fall in love…. is available here as an ebook.


Wollie is the founder of the women’s film making collective called Whipped Cream Productions and together this collective has given a number of women the exciting opportunity to be part of a film project. A few of these films have gone on to win awards at festival.

She is also a keen photographer and in her spare time Wollie is working on completing her first detective crime thriller novel, “Agents & Assassins”, while collaborating with fellow filmmakers on their projects as Writer, Director and Cinematographer.


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