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Sam Skyborne – Writer


Thank you for visiting. Please find a list of my work below.

You can find out more about me at http://SamSkyborne.com or on our sister site http://DukeBox.life

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About Sam

I’m a story lover and a story teller.

I like stories because they engage the imagination. Someone once said to me “the world of the imagination is the sandpit of the soul”, and I agree. In your imagination you can experience anything you wish (good or bad)… live out any fantasy, fulfill every wish, every desire… where you can make absolutely anything possible.

Stories provide a structure, a path you can follow through the imagination… an amazing journey you can go on.

So my stories and the stories I enjoy reading/viewing most often try to present an interesting, engaging, thrilling journey which allows the passenger to experience a unique perspective or situation.

Of course not everyone likes the same kind of journeys, but at least you have the ability and choice to find out for yourself.

I do hope you enjoy my creations and my wish is that you get as much joy out of them as I did in writing them.

If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

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Simulation: The inception of a new superhero

The Lighthouse Chronicles

AVAILABLE Now in Paperback and EBook!

Set in the future, after the world has been marred by a decade of war and the country is governed by strict puritanical martial law… An emotionally scarred war vet, Samantha Fielding, finds it difficult to settle back into ‘normal’ life so she enrols in a top secret science research program aimed at accessing dormant human abilities, where she meets the beautiful principle scientist, Dr Victoria Henderson.

Book & Film COMBOS:


Cat Sitting (The Short Story)

This is a short story about loss, love and lust.

AVAILABLE Now in EBook & film!

Sometime after a messy breakup, Alex finally agreed to do the cat sitting for her ex-lover, Teresa. She knew her first visit back to what she used to call ‘home’ would not be easy. However, she could never have imagined such an unexpected turn of events! =)


Saying Sorry (The Short Story)

A Sexy Lesbian story about Love, Anger and Forgiveness

AVAILABLE Now in EBook & film!

Having screwed up again, Jo finds there is no easy way to say sorry. Repentance and forgiveness is a two way interaction and the journey is not always easy, nor predictable. Each person needs to find their own way to the same end.

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