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Caught In Amber (Short Film) 2015


An intimate conversation between a mother and her unborn child is more than it seems.


Behind the protection of closed doors, seemingly in the safety of a womb-like sanctuary, we witness the intimate conversation between a mother and her unborn child. Suspended for preservation or persecution? Will she be judged by her husband? Will she be condemned by the world for attempting to deal with what so many women try to come to terms with every day? Is it always as straightforward as is seems?

Director’s Notes

It is my objective as a writer/director first and foremost to make good quality films that both presents and unavoidably comments on the world as I see it. I endeavour to make films about women to raise our visibility and profile in and through film and media. It is not only the boys that can kick arse, save the world and then ride off into the sunset on horseback.

Specifically, Caught In Amber does not to judge! On the contrary it aims to illuminate the ease with which we as an audience to the world around us often judge others before we know the facts. I hope I achieved that.


“Melinda” – Louise Lingwood

Louise returned to acting in 2010 following several years as a stay-at-home-mum to three (obviously adorable) children. Prior to this, she had a successful and varied career in theatre spanning a vast range of performance styles including pantomime, educational theatre, Shakespeare and classical, musicals, contemporary and devised, community tours and the odd commercial. Theatre projects have included work with Salisbury Playhouse, Palace Theatre Westcliff, Vienna’s English Theatre, Watford Palace, Forest Forge and many other companies.

Listening to an overwhelming urge to return to performance and with the children a little more independent, Louise has come back to the industry to concentrate on the screen. Having fallen in love with the short film genre, she has been involved in many projects for the Festival circuit, competitions, film schools and corporate. She will soon be seen playing Charlie Bronson’s mum in a drama documentary about Britain’s most notorious prisoner and is currently starring in Episode 6 in the online sensation, The Machine of Death monologues with Orpheos productions. You can view ‘Labels’ and all other episodes at: http://orpheos.co.uk/2011/05/machineofdeath-episode-1/

In between film and family challenges, Louise has a position in the corporate world as marketing and communications officer at Penson Financial Services Ltd in the City and lives in central London with an overweight dog, a runaway cat and two performing chickens. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

“Ralph” – Steve Gibbs

Steve Gibbs was born in the east end of London. After leaving school, he flitted from job to job, mainly working market stalls in Covent Garden and Camden Lock, and for a while running his own manufacturing business. Betting a fellow market trader £50 that he could get into a drama college, he auditioned and gained a scholarship at the prestigious London Academy of Dramatic Art (LAMDA) in 1999. Graduating in 2001, he appeared in the TV show The Vice, and in 2003 secured a part acting alongside Dame Helen Mirren as one of her team in the award winning police drama Prime Suspect and has since twice played the guest lead in The Bill and the guest lead in EastEnders. Steve also appeared in the feature film The Bank Job and in the TV shows Murphy’s Law, and William and Mary and has worked in various theatre, radio and TV commercials. With an imaginative and creative mind, Steve is now writing short film scripts.

Project Crew

Original Story by – Martin Cox

Martin was born and raised in England where he gained a business degree and decided to enter the world of commerce, attaining the position of board member with a number of high profile companies.
His first love however, was always writing, so he upped and moved, first west to the United States, then east to Singapore in order to pursue his literary dream.
Over the past few years he has written, produced and appeared in a number of successful T.V. commercials and MTV videos which are all showing on the net.
He’s had two feature films produced by a cable T.V. company, which addressed the touchy subjects of incest and multiple personality syndrome.
Until today he is the only Englishman to have been produced in the region.
While busy writing screenplays (both short and feature) he is currently engaged as an executive producer, where he revels in reality shows, sitcoms, talk shows and anything that is thrown at him.

Producer, Writer, Director – Wollie Boehm

Wollie (pronounced Volley) is originally from South Africa, currently living in London. She started her creative career with an English degree, which progressed onto an exciting journey into the technological worlds of business, IT, Telecoms, New Media and 3D Virtual World R&D which inspired her to do a post graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence. She is a skilled experienced film maker with a growing portfolio of award winning short and feature scripts and films.

She studied script writing and film directing at the National film and Television School in Beaconsfield and works as a cinematographer, editor, colourist and director on commercial and corporate projects.

If you are interested in her work or would like a hired gun to help with your project then please email her at wollie[@]VolVentures.com or get in contact via the contact page to discuss.

If you have an intriguing proposition that you think might be of interest as a collaborative project, do get in touch as Wollie is always keen to get involved in the telling of a good story.

Her authored work can best be described as fiction and creative works which explore strong, complex, female characters in a-typical roles and situations not usually associated with female characters e.g. baddies, bullies, masterminds, murderers, Casanovas and superheroes…

Filmography: (for an overview click here!)

    “Buttons” (Short) 2016 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Heaven’s to Betsy” (Short) 2016 – VFX/Editor & Colourist
    “Who Let The Dogs In” (Doc) in Post – Cinematographer
    “Caught in Amber” (Short) 2015 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “He Loves Me” (Short) 2015 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “Reebok – Be more human” (Commercial) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Positive Dog Training” (Promo) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Planet Raw” (Promo) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Finding a Champion” (Short) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/VFX/Editor & Colourist
    “Cat Sitting” (Short) 2014 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “Saying Sorry” (Short) 2012 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “First Out’s Last Orders” (Doc) 2012 – Director/Producer
    “Repaid In Full” (Short) 2012 – Cinematographer
    “Route 66 – UK” (Music Video) 2011 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor
    “Endless Road – The Panics” (Music Video) 2011 – Director/Editor
    “The Red Rose” (Short) 2010 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Surf Footage” (Short) 2009 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor
    “Fruit Wars” (Short) 2009 – Director/Animator

Cinematographer – Andy Demetriou

Andy Demetriou was born in Poplar, East London and now lives in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. He is married with two children. On leaving school Andy embarked on a career in photography working as a Fleet Street Runner for a top London press agency Fox Photos, moving through the ranks of the agency he became a photographer in his own right. Andy specialised in commercial and travel photography travelling the globe to capture on film far flung destinations such as Antarctica, Vietnam, Africa and the USA. Taking a break from photography and being a keen musician Andy formed a band of which he was the drummer in the line up. After touring different parts of the world with the band and enjoying brief success it was time for yet another change and with the satellite industry beginning to take hold Andy decided to start his business enterprise specialising in satellite TV broadcasting and production working for and with leading national and International Broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, Fox News, Sky TV, CNN & CNBC. The company became an industry leader and grew employ some 100 employees. After a successful sale of the business, Andy returned to photography and his lifelong passion for films and film making; with a keen eye behind the camera a new venture beckoned becoming a Co-Founder of Red Creative Media, an independent producer of short films. Red’s objective is to make short, gritty realistic films that tell a good story.

Production Design Assistant, Location Managment, Catering – Jude Dempsey

Director’s Assistant, Clapper – Debbie Gibbs

This was Debbie’s first time involved on set for a short film and based on this wonderful experience it certainly will not be her last! Previously she has had extensive experience working on stories, scripts and behind the scenes helping to get films produced and made as well as in front of the camera in a short called “Repaid In Full” wherein she was a body double for the leading female role.

Receptionist, Runner – Eleanor Gallagher

After a life long ambition to become a ‘writer’ (whatever they are) Ellie recently graduated Roehampton University with a degree in creative writing. Now determined to become a world famous script writer she is looking to find any way into the film industry. This is her first film experience and most defiantly didn’t put her off.

Special Thanks to

>> Louise Hannah – for the use of her location for the rehearsal and impro days.

>> Margaret Glover – for her valuable time spent on critiquing the script.

>> The Pirate Castle (Gus and his gang) – for the kind provisioning of the quaint audition location.

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