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Caught In Amber (Short Film)
CIA: Cast & Crew Screening!
CIA: Cast & Crew Screening!

On Friday evening we had the Caught In Amber cast and crew screening in Haggerston. It was a fantastic event with a great turnout. Even more wonderfully, the feedback from the audience after the screening was overwhelming! It seems as if everyone really liked it and enthusiastically gave their views and input on how the […]

Caught In Amber gets its IMDB page!!
Caught In Amber gets its IMDB page!!

Caught In Amber gets it’s IMDB page!!

CIA – Proposed DVD Title Menu
CIA - Proposed DVD Title Menu

This was the original Caught In Amber DVD Title screen suggestion!!

CIA – Baby in Suspended Animation
CIA - Baby in Suspended Animation
CIA – ADR update!
CIA - ADR update!

Finally we have managed to ringfence some constructive time to wrestle with the sound on this little gem of a film. A couple of weeks ago we managed to lay the ADR tracks quite successfully, thanks to Louise Lingwood and Steve Gibbs for doing a sterling job on the ADR recordings!! That has made my […]


We finally managed to get the ADR complete. That was a bit of a mission between organising with one set of lovely neighbours to halt their building works for the evening, pleading with our other lovely neighbours to postpone their musical rehearsal (something which we love listening to in our garden normally) and dodging the […]

Photo: CIA – Stills

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CIA: Name Change – Caught In Amber
CIA: Name Change - Caught In Amber

Notice to all who have been following the progress of this little film. We have decided to take the leap and change the name of the film to Caught In Amber. The reason is because this title is more fitting and does not pre-empt the ending which will detract from the enjoyment. Why “Caught in […]

CIA: Rough Cut – Not sound!!

In my day “Rough Cut” / “Half Cut” used to mean something else.. Now I even find myself say “In my day”… I have entered a parallel universe!!! Anyway. So I have managed to finish a trial rough edit of Pillow Talk. It seems to have turned out reasonably well. There were only a few […]

CIA: Ecstatic Day Two

We finished day two barely a few hours ago. What euphoria courses though ones veins! It was a difficult and truly amazing day. I feel truely alive! The cast and crew are brilliant. Louise you were awesome as usual! A very big thank you to everyone for helping me get this one in the can, […]

CIA: The Shoot (Day 01)

Crikey! Just finished day one of the shoot for Pillow Talk. It was a fantastic day. The actors are really great. Steve, thanks for undertaking the role of Ralph. In particular, my lead female actor, Louise Lingwood, is a far better Melinda than I could possibly have hoped for. Thank you Louise! The crew are […]

CIA: Casting out a hook to catch a treasure.

Wow, I have just finished making the final decision about my lead role in Pillow Talk. That was one of the hardest things I have had to do so far! The actors who auditioned were mostly outstanding with only the oddest exception. I had to review the audition tapes three times before I had a […]

CIA: Audition Short List

Ok, so the casting call closed yesterday. I had the pleasure of reviewing all the applications during the last two days. Wow! What a hard job! I was bowled over by the many high calibre applications we received and I found it exceedingly difficult to choose a short list. However, time is ticking by and […]

CIA: Auditions (26th & 27th May)

So the casting call is out and I am very pleased to be getting a steady stream of very high quality applications for both the lead roles. I understand the actors predicament though – there do not seem to be many meaty roles out there in short films for 30 plus leads, especially not for […]

CIA: Hidden Shadows

There is an interesting idea of the pregnant fish idea in the script of Pillow Talk. I had the idea that perhaps since the powerful element of shadows are hoping to enrich the subtext of the film, I would use an unreal shadow of a fish mobile that is not real or present but only […]

CIA: A new spark

Well as I said fate has a funny way of working. Previously I mentioned the lovely Debbie whom it turns out did not only give me the opportunity to practice my elevator pitch before my interview for NLFP, she also happened to know and be connected to a group of very lovely aspiring film makers. […]

CIA: Calm before the storm

Now that I have had a months break from Pillow Talk and I was hoping to focus on it again more fully after a month wherein the day job just would not stick to its perimeter I realise that in my head Pillow Talk has grown into a huge precipice from which it is very […]

CIA: The reversal

So the interview process was as horrific as expected. Horrific in the sense that any job interview is. But, I think I handled it well enough and they seemed suitably impressed by the project, the vision and the preparation I had done. It is funny sometimes how fate works. Just before I was meant to […]

CIA: Miracles!!

So I got through!! How?? I am not entirely sure, however, I DID and that is AMAZING! I am so chuffed! The judges must agree that this is a super project! Now tomorrow is the true grilling – a personal panel interview!I hope I do this project justice. I am too nervous to type any […]

CIA: Gladiators

If someone was to sit me down right now and tell me that that was some top secret social torture experiment, I would believe them. Recipe for instant mayhem: Put 20+ over-achieving, bossy, know-it-all, director wana-be’s in a room together and tell them to out-perform each other for the prize. On the surface all seems […]

CIA: Oh Shit!

So the fantastic news is we are through!! Yay!! Devil is always in the detail… Through to what? I hear you ask. The bad news is the next round is an assessment day. Instantly I feel like a school girl. I’m twelve years old, new to the school, new to the area, new to the […]

CIA: Here goes nothing…

Ok, so I slept on it. Or rather I stayed awake on it. But I have decided to give it a shot. In for a penny hoping to get about £2000.

CIA: Eve of the Application

Tomorrow is the deadline for the competition submissions. I have worked on the script with a very nice script supervisor, who has been invaluable in making the decision between two scripts. After the last post, from out of the blue I got an idea for another short script called “He Loves Me” and I decided […]

CIA: An exciting new short film project

So I found out about the North London Film Partnership competition. The objective was to present a short film project adequately suited to the organisers’ likes and which adhered comfortably to their strict guidelines. If we won we would be selected to win funding up to £2000 (plus personal funding) to make the respective short […]