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This is a selection of some of the interesting projects I have been part of as (writer, director, cinematographer, photographer & author):


Buttons_Poster_03_950x425_160104 Reebok_Poster_VV_950x425_02

Buttons (Short film) 2016

Reebok (Commercial) 2015

Assoc Whipped Cream Productions Assoc Whipped Cream Productions

Cat Sitting (Short Film) 2015

He Loves Me (Short Film) 2015

Saying Sorry (Short Film) 2012

First Out – Last Orders (Docu) 2012

Caught In Amber (Short film) 2011

The Red Rose (Short Film) 2010

Music Videos

Endless Road (Music Video) 2011

Route 66 (Music/Exp Short) 2011

Surf Footage (Music/Exp Short) 2010

Books & Screenplays

High-Rack-_Cover_FINAL_WB_950x425 The Lighthouse Chronicles: Simulation AA_Anita_death_950x425

High Rack: The story of an unlikely friendship (Published) 2012

The Lighthouse Chronicles: Simulation (TBP)

Agents and Assassins (WIP)

Other Stuff

Fruit Wars Baby In Room_Final Room Frame_1024x576_ver Blue-Nude_950x425

Fruit Wars

Baby Animation

Picasso’s Blue Nude today

Upcoming Projects

Please contact me for more info, if you’d like to get involved, or have a funding idea!! :)

Jack_Poster_9550x425 ComingSoon_950x425 ComingSoon_950x425

Jack (Film Noir Webseries)

A feisty P.I. gets hoodwinked by the last person she suspected.

Risk (Erotic Webseries)

An erotic story of an unusual love triangle and three women’s journeys to find fulfillment.

Mad Mugs (Comedy Webseries)

A mad surreal tale of love and belonging

ComingSoon_950x425 ComingSoon_950x425 ComingSoon_950x425

Alice (Story & Feature)

Shirley Valentine-esque tale set in the gritty social background and exotic beauty of Cape Town.

TIDE (Story & Feature)

A supernatural hero’s journey of a young woman who regains her independence in a world of surfing and selkies.

Comfort (Story & Feature)

An unlikely romance found in the heart of terror and inhumanity.

Yellow-Tandem_950x425 Alley_Sees_950x425 ComingSoon_950x425

The Yellow Tandem (Short Film)

A quirky tale of determination and expectation.

On Reflection (Short Film)

A supernatural tale about finding the right kindred spirit.

Milton (Short Film)

An old man finds new motivation in love to live and walk again.

ComingSoon_950x425 Shower_Image_950x425 ComingSoon_950x425

Flower (Short Film)

A gritty tale about daughters, sisters and mothers.

Shower (Short Film)

Erotic short!

Snow White (Short Film)

New take on the fairytale!

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