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High Rack (Book) Published

High Rack: The story of an unlikely friendship

You don’t always get to choose your soul mate, nor their family, who can sometimes be quite dangerous – a truth discovered by Freddie and Issy who are a fox cub and a chick growing up in London. As they approach adulthood they have to make some tough decisions and sacrifices for the sake of those they love.

This is an urban tale about love, loss and coming to terms with identity. Freddie and Issy form an unlikely alliance and fall in love. Both together and alone they need to face the inevitable consequences and challenges that follow, resulting in triumph and tragedy.

Cover Illustration: Adam Habensusz.
Thank you and well done to Adam Habensusz for giving Freddie and Issy form and this amazing ccover image.

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Published by: Foxy Press (A VolVentures Imprint)
Date Published: 08/08/2012

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