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He Loves Me (Short film) 2015


He loves me… He loves me not? In the high stakes game of love, how do we know it’s true?


He loves me… He loves me not? In the high stakes game of love, how do we know it’s true?

Long Description

!!*** SPOILER ***!!

Emily and Matt are newly in love, embarking on the uncertain and sometimes scary territory of a relationship. Emily, a romantic young girl obsessed with true love, finally decides to take their relationship to the next level by agreeing to have sex, but she wants it to be special like “real lovers”. Matt, excited by the new development makes special provision for them to have access to his brother’s flat where they can enjoy their privacy, uninterrupted.

Emily is initially a little disappointed by the shabby location Matt has presented for this occasion but decides to overlook it in the interest of true love. However, she needs to be sure that for Matt this is true love and she cautions him that “there is no going back”. Matt, as sincerely as he can muster reassures her that she is his Juliet.

Matt wakes up, happy, sated, invigorated and eager to step out of their little love nest to stretch their legs, grab something to eat and engage with the outside world for a bit.

Emily on the other hand has a different plan. She reflects on the nature of true love and some of the great lovers of the past, pointing out the permanence and immutability of love. People may die but true love lives forever. Then she presents Matt with the ultimate question – Would he die for love?

They drink a potion she had prepared for the occasion and she leads him back to their bed of passion. Soon Matt starts to feel the effects of the potion and collapses, first into a deep sleep. Her last words to him: “Good night Romeo.”

Only she awakes, leaving him dead in his brother’s flat.

On her way home we see her pick her next victim.

Director’s Notes

Most of my previous shorts have been slices of life or experimental films. So this time I really wanted to make one that had a proper little narrative with a rewarding twist. I’ve always liked the power of fairytales and myths with their recognisable structure and universal appeal. As a writer I am fascinated by the darker side of human nature and desire that lurks in each of us – a fact often refuted based on outward appearances because we cannot see into a person’s soul. These factors, combined with an interest in showing the full potential of a female protagonist, naturally led to the birth of this innocent little black widow story.

Production Notes

The actual Shoot had it’s challenges, not least the English weather.

One of the highlights, though, was the set design. We descended on the location a couple of days day before the shoot and I was racking my brain on how to make Matt’s brother’s flat look authentic and interesting given our minuscule budget. When we arrived we found the location still decorated from a recent “Woodland party” Louse Hannah had hosted. I was so impressed by the decorations that I was determined to work this into the set design. Hence after a quick rewrite of the script Matt’s brother became a quirky botanist that goes mountain climbing on weekend.

It was great working with Rebecca Bower and Dinarte Gouveia. They are both very professional and talented young actors.

Thank you to Samuele Caruso for kindly stepping from in front of to behind the camera to help out as our much needed runner during the shoot and Moray Jones for your assistance during the auditions. I am very grateful to Andy Demetriou and Jude Dempsey for all their hard work and support on and off the set.


“Emily” – Rebecca Bowser

Rebecca Bowser graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in July 2011 where she completed her BA Acting (hons), having played numerous lead theatre roles such as Hamlet, Inspector (Le Pub) and Young Woman (Machinal). ‘He Loves Me’ was Rebecca’s first project since leaving training and since then she has featured in commercials for TV and Internet for DFS and Nido Student Living. Rebecca has also performed a one man play ‘Pom Pom Runaway’ at theatre festivals in London and Berkshire and was a finalist in Lost Theatre’s Five Minute Festival. In February 2012 Rebecca played ‘Gonzala’ in an abridged version of Shakespeare’s Tempest at Waterloo’s Network Theatre.

“Matt” – Dinarte Gouveia

Dinarte Gouveia graduated from Goldsmiths College with a BA degree in Drama and Theatre Arts. Film credits: ‘SK City’ (Ryan) 2012, Flynn Entertainment, ‘The Days In-Between’ (Jason) Detour Pictures. Theatre Credits include: ‘Playground’ (Chris) 2012, Cockpit Theatre, Lilies (Baroness) 2012, Greenwich Theatre, Teachers Club Ireland, Marlbrough Theatre Brighton, ‘Financial Times’ (Banker) 2012, Theatre in the Pound, ‘As Fate Would Have It…’ (Michael) 2011, Black Swans (Harry) 2009 Edinburgh Fringe. Theatre Credits whilst training: At Goldsmiths: GALS (Dave) 2011, ‘A Gift of Equal Cost’ (John) 2010, Alcestis (Lead) 2009, The Seagull (Sorin) 2008, Attempts on Her Life (Performer) 2008. At Windsor Boys School: Equus (Alan) 2007, Oedipus (Oedipus) 2006, Hercules (Performer) 2006, Macbeth Modern Adaptation (Coach) 2005, Lord of the Flies (Ralph) 2005. Rehearsed Readings: ‘Ibrahim’s Present’ (Alen) 2012, MA Scriptwriting Showcase.

His website is http://www.dinartegouveia.com and his spotlight page is http://www.spotlight.com/interactive/cv/8614-3499-9345

“Skateboarder” – Sam Caruso

Sam Caruso is graduating from ISSA (International School of Screen Acting) in July 2012, where he attended a two-year course in acting for film and TV, taking part in various school productions and developing archery, screen combat and horse-riding skills.
Credits: ‘Endless Road’ (Lead) 2011, VolVentures, ‘Exhibited’ (Andrew) 2011, Three Mills Studio, ‘The Interrogation’ (Devil) 2012, ISSA, ‘An Education’ (Danny/David/Graham) 2012, ISSA, ‘He Loves Me’ (Skateboarder) 2012, VolVentures.

Project Crew

Producer, Writer, Director – Wollie Boehm

Wollie (pronounced Volley) is originally from South Africa, currently living in London. She started her creative career with an English degree, which progressed onto an exciting journey into the technological worlds of business, IT, Telecoms, New Media and 3D Virtual World R&D which inspired her to do a post graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence. She is a skilled experienced film maker with a growing portfolio of award winning short and feature scripts and films.

She studied script writing and film directing at the National film and Television School in Beaconsfield and works as a cinematographer, editor, colourist and director on commercial and corporate projects.

If you are interested in her work or would like a hired gun to help with your project then please email her at wollie[@]VolVentures.com or get in contact via the contact page to discuss.

If you have an intriguing proposition that you think might be of interest as a collaborative project, do get in touch as Wollie is always keen to get involved in the telling of a good story.

Her authored work can best be described as fiction and creative works which explore strong, complex, female characters in a-typical roles and situations not usually associated with female characters e.g. baddies, bullies, masterminds, murderers, Casanovas and superheroes…

Filmography: (for an overview click here!)

    “Buttons” (Short) 2016 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Heaven’s to Betsy” (Short) 2016 – VFX/Editor & Colourist
    “Who Let The Dogs In” (Doc) in Post – Cinematographer
    “Caught in Amber” (Short) 2015 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “He Loves Me” (Short) 2015 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “Reebok – Be more human” (Commercial) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Positive Dog Training” (Promo) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Planet Raw” (Promo) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Finding a Champion” (Short) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/VFX/Editor & Colourist
    “Cat Sitting” (Short) 2014 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “Saying Sorry” (Short) 2012 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “First Out’s Last Orders” (Doc) 2012 – Director/Producer
    “Repaid In Full” (Short) 2012 – Cinematographer
    “Route 66 – UK” (Music Video) 2011 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor
    “Endless Road – The Panics” (Music Video) 2011 – Director/Editor
    “The Red Rose” (Short) 2010 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Surf Footage” (Short) 2009 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor
    “Fruit Wars” (Short) 2009 – Director/Animator

Cinematography – Andy Demetriou

Andy Demetriou was born in Poplar, East London and now lives in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. He is married with two children. On leaving school Andy embarked on a career in photography working as a Fleet Street Runner for a top London press agency Fox Photos, moving through the ranks of the agency he became a photographer in his own right. Andy specialised in commercial and travel photography travelling the globe to capture on film far flung destinations such as Antarctica, Vietnam, Africa and the USA. Taking a break from photography and being a keen musician Andy formed a band of which he was the drummer in the line up. After touring different parts of the world with the band and enjoying brief success it was time for yet another change and with the satellite industry beginning to take hold Andy decided to start his business enterprise specialising in satellite TV broadcasting and production working for and with leading national and International Broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, Fox News, Sky TV, CNN & CNBC. The company became an industry leader and grew employ some 100 employees. After a successful sale of the business, Andy returned to photography and his lifelong passion for films and film making; with a keen eye behind the camera a new venture beckoned becoming a Co-Founder of Red Creative Media, an independent producer of short films. Red’s objective is to make short, gritty realistic films that tell a good story.

Production Design, Location Managment, Catering & Stills – Jude Dempsey

Composer – Mike Marshall

Mike’s career has been extremely diverse, working as a session player/arranger to composing for TV/Film and radio covering all genres of music. From a young age he wrote numerous classical pieces and won the Ivor Gurney composition prize at 14. As a studio session player he has worked with a number of well known artists around the world, including the singer Jon Anderson (Yes/Vangelis) and as musical director to Don Black MBE. He has written numerous scores and incidental music for BBC Worldwide,BBC NHU, ITV, Channel 4,Virgin, Sky as well as a number of orchestral library albums.BBC Natural History films include the series Natural Neighbours,Tales From The River Bank, Dawn to Dusk and Incredible Journeys. He is currently writing a recorder concerto for the virtuoso instrumentalist Richard Harvey as well as a number of library albums.

Pre Production Runner – Moray Jones

Moray has been involved in the gamut in independent film from producer to gofer, with many stops in between. More for fun than driven by ruthless ambition, he enjoys the film-making process, and has fun meeting new people and starting new projects. For details on his most recent films that he has been involved in, visit http://www.woodgreenfilmclub.com

Runner – Sam Caruso

Sam Caruso is graduating from ISSA (International School of Screen Acting) in July 2012, where he attended a two-year course in acting for film and TV, taking part in various school productions and developing archery, screen combat and horse-riding skills.
Credits: ‘Endless Road’ (Lead) 2011, VolVentures, ‘Exhibited’ (Andrew) 2011, Three Mills Studio, ‘The Interrogation’ (Devil) 2012, ISSA, ‘An Education’ (Danny/David/Graham) 2012, ISSA, ‘He Loves Me’ (Skateboarder) 2012, VolVentures.

Special Thanks to

>> Café Pistachio – for providing us with a base and feeding us during out outdoor shooting days.

>> The Pirate Castle (Gus and his gang) – for the kind provisioning of the quaint audition location.

>> Louise Hannah – for the use of her lovely house as the location for the film.

>> Melania Sandron – for her behind the scenes help.

>> Louise Wiseman – for her patience and support during the shoot.

>> Adri & Rob – for their consistent love, support and encouragement through out – could not do it without you!

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