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First Out – Last Orders

To say thanks:


We listened to people tell their stories as First Out serves their last orders.


The well loved café bar, First Out, served it’s last orders at the end of October 2011. The VolVentures and Whipped Cream Team went to listen to the fond memories and stories told by some of the hundreds of loyal customers and staff that gathered from all over the world to say their goodbyes.

Director’s Notes

When we heard that First Out was closing at the end of October 2011 we rushed down there at short notice with our kit and captured what we could in amidst the joy, tears and chaos. First Out was a London, UK and World phenomenon – a safe but fun place for LGBT community – an alternative to Clubland and all the crazy drama of the scene – a place to meet and organise – a second home. We felt a strong need capture the memories and stories and we were grateful to be welcomed by the staff and customers.

Whipped Cream Productions is the banner for an alternative women’s media production entity and portal. We are a group of women interested in making short films, feature films, dramas about and for women focussing on portraying an alternative, more empowered, image of women. Not only the guys can kick arse, save the world and ride off into the sunset. Our aim: “Rewrite our history and our future though fiction!”

This project was one of the first, in hopefully many, that aim to raise the profile of the gay and lesbian culture, media, film and narrative.



Project Crew

Producer, Writer, Director, DoP – Wollie Boehm

Wollie (pronounced Volley) is originally from South Africa, currently living in London. She started her creative career with an English degree, which progressed onto an exciting journey into the technological worlds of business, IT, Telecoms, New Media and 3D Virtual World R&D which inspired her to do a post graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence. She is a skilled experienced film maker with a growing portfolio of award winning short and feature scripts and films.

She studied script writing and film directing at the National film and Television School in Beaconsfield and works as a cinematographer, editor, colourist and director on commercial and corporate projects.

If you are interested in her work or would like a hired gun to help with your project then please email her at wollie[@]VolVentures.com or get in contact via the contact page to discuss.

If you have an intriguing proposition that you think might be of interest as a collaborative project, do get in touch as Wollie is always keen to get involved in the telling of a good story.

Her authored work can best be described as fiction and creative works which explore strong, complex, female characters in a-typical roles and situations not usually associated with female characters e.g. baddies, bullies, masterminds, murderers, Casanovas and superheroes…

Filmography: (for an overview click here!)

    “Buttons” (Short) 2016 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Heaven’s to Betsy” (Short) 2016 – VFX/Editor & Colourist
    “Who Let The Dogs In” (Doc) in Post – Cinematographer
    “Caught in Amber” (Short) 2015 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “He Loves Me” (Short) 2015 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “Reebok – Be more human” (Commercial) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Positive Dog Training” (Promo) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Planet Raw” (Promo) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Finding a Champion” (Short) 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/VFX/Editor & Colourist
    “Cat Sitting” (Short) 2014 – Director/Editor & Colourist
    “Saying Sorry” (Short) 2012 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “First Out’s Last Orders” (Doc) 2012 – Director/Producer
    “Repaid In Full” (Short) 2012 – Cinematographer
    “Route 66 – UK” (Music Video) 2011 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor
    “Endless Road – The Panics” (Music Video) 2011 – Director/Editor
    “The Red Rose” (Short) 2010 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor & Colourist
    “Surf Footage” (Short) 2009 – Director/Cinematographer/Editor
    “Fruit Wars” (Short) 2009 – Director/Animator

Camera 01 – Andy Demetriou

Andy Demetriou was born in Poplar, East London and now lives in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. He is married with two children. On leaving school Andy embarked on a career in photography working as a Fleet Street Runner for a top London press agency Fox Photos, moving through the ranks of the agency he became a photographer in his own right. Andy specialised in commercial and travel photography travelling the globe to capture on film far flung destinations such as Antarctica, Vietnam, Africa and the USA. Taking a break from photography and being a keen musician Andy formed a band of which he was the drummer in the line up. After touring different parts of the world with the band and enjoying brief success it was time for yet another change and with the satellite industry beginning to take hold Andy decided to start his business enterprise specialising in satellite TV broadcasting and production working for and with leading national and International Broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, Fox News, Sky TV, CNN & CNBC. The company became an industry leader and grew employ some 100 employees. After a successful sale of the business, Andy returned to photography and his lifelong passion for films and film making; with a keen eye behind the camera a new venture beckoned becoming a Co-Founder of Red Creative Media, an independent producer of short films. Red’s objective is to make short, gritty realistic films that tell a good story.

Camera 02 – Jude Dempsey

Camera 03 – Helen Ibach

Helen Ibach’s passion for film started early in her life after receiving her first camera at the age of eight. After studying photography and enjoying the magic of story-telling through her writing, she became interested in merging her interests and her love for film was born. She recently discovered the art of film making and is now fulfilling her ambition with like minded women at Whipped Cream Productions where she is enthusiastically gaining both skills and experience.

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