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Finding a Champion (Short Film) 2015


This is a short film I have just recently shot.


A young woman, a keen chess player, finds her Black Queen has been lost, and devastated by the realisation that this ironically reflects her personal lack and loneliness accepts the challenge of a game that will determine her fate.

Director’s Notes

We were given the exercise to direct a short about “someone dropping something, a handkerchief, and something happening” to be shot within 2.5hrs.

The idea occurred to me that it would be interesting to create a short narrative about a woman who has to overcome herself, to beat her own short comings, to find a suitable Champion in herself and thus in her life.

The other reason I chose to make this film was the technical challenges that it posed within such a short time frame.

Interesting the challenge that was not foreseen was that our very lovely actor, Arwen has never plaid chess before so most of the time was spent teaching her the basic pieces, rules and moves.


“Black Arwen” – Arwen

“Guido” – Guido

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