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For Production Companies / Broadcasters

If you are representing a production / broadcast company and looking for:

  • >> Director
  • >> Writer
  • >> Cinematographer
  • >> Independent Shooter
  • >> Collaborator

.. then contact us with the details of the project for consideration.

One of our most recent collaborations was with Red Creative Media on a very exciting little short film called “Repaid In Full” – a zombie thriller.

See some behind the scenes images below.

Photo: RIF – Behind The Scene

For Production Companies / Broadcasters » Published » Stills - On Set Photography

RIF - Stills

Stills taken during a night shoot for RIF.


Here are some lovely photos of the Director (Andy Demetriou) and his crew and cast during the zombie night shoot.

CIA - Stills

These are the stills taken of the Caught In Amber short film drama.


These are behind the scenes photographs taken of the Caught In Amber short film drama. That was a few great days of shooting.

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