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RIF: Repaid in Full (Short film) – The search scenes

Last Friday I met up again with the Red Creative guys to shoot another sequence of scenes from the Repaid in Full short. We gathered in a field in the July sunshine (be it marred with a few clouds) and captured characters attempts at searching for gold in a field in Broxbourne.

We had great fun using my new slider to capture a lovely revealing sequence of the actual digging for gold action. Also we used a little Go Pro camera on the end of a metal detector and hopefully today on the end of the axe. That could be awesome.

A few lessons learnt:

  1. Take sunblock on an outdoor shoot (even in England)

  2. Drink water regularly. When you are shooting constantly you do not realise how dehydrated you can get

  3. Go to gym more often – it helps get you physically fitter to deal with the demands of carrying kit about.

  4. You can never plan for everything as something always happens that is completely unexpected, like a circling helicopter, a neighbourhood bond fire, a family of foxes wanting to partake in the action.

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