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CIA: Eve of the Application
Tomorrow is the deadline for the competition submissions.
I have worked on the script with a very nice script supervisor, who has been invaluable in making the decision between two scripts.
After the last post, from out of the blue I got an idea for another short script called “He Loves Me” and I decided to take the time to develop that a little further and see which one of the two wins out as the better option in the end. Thanks to the valued feedback from Margaret I decided to stick with the original Pillow Talk script. I did rework it a little to encompass my idea of the arresting core of the story.
Further I had to present a relatively detailed budget. That is always hard. How long is a piece of string. I had to resist the overwhelming urge to submit a single line:
How much you give me is what I will use to make my film.”
In the end I managed to surprise even myself with the comprehensive budget I devised miraculously. It did help that I had produced three other short films and had begged, borrowed and stolen a number of sample scripts from anyone who had one to offer.
Finally my submission package is complete. However I will hang onto it until the deadline tomorrow allowing me the opportunity to sleep on it one more time. Not so much because I might want to change some of the details as to allow myself a last chance to pull out completely. This is a big commitment and not easy while holding down a day job, as most of you know.
The way I figure it, my biggest shortcoming in the application is my team. I am desperately in need of a god – I mean a good Producer, not to mention a tried and trusted team of artists to take on the cinematography, sound, music, editing etc.
Ok, enough said. Let me sleep on it.

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