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Endless Road – Green Screen

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This shoot was a very exciting, challenging and informative learning experience technically. We had the opportunity of testing and validating our Green screen knowledge and experience. And boy the lessons learnt were valuable. Both myself and Andy have had some experience with Green screen before, however this time we were faced with a smaller location and a few other technical constraints which made it a little more challenging.
Lessons learnt:
  1. Light the screen brightly and evenly and regardless of what others might suggest about the advance in modern technology these days… beware of creases and shadows and AVOID them!!
  2. Always focus on the subject even if you intend to pull focus in the final. Do the focus pulling/blur in post using editing or compositing software.
  3. Shoot at 50fps progressive if you can. It makes for better quality footage to work with especially if you are rotoscoping.
  4. Work off stills from the actual background you want to insert the clips into so that you can accurately replicate the lighting quality and direction before you get to post.
  5. Make sure you light the subject well and avoid any green reflection from the screen on them.
Ok, back to the Post for me to try and do the best rotoscoping I can.

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