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HLM: The Shoot (Day 01)

Today was a great start to the shoot. We shot in a lovely little gem of a location tucked away behind Tottenham Hale, would you believe. Being near Tottenham Hale station we naturally had to deal with the noise from the passing trains but all in all it went very well.

The cast were great. Samuel Caruso instantly took to his new role as skateboarder and began practising a few tricks to demonstrate on camera. Dinarte Gouveia proved his metal as Matt and Rebecca Bowser blossomed as the seemingly a sweet, innocent Emily, bringing her experience in dancing to enrich the role.

The afternoon we set off to the indoor location and proceeded to shoot a large portion of the beginning and ending indoor scenes.

Saturday evening was spent checking the rushes and finalising the planning for the next day’s shoot. We would have a big day ahead.

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