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HLM: Setup Day

HLM Woodland LocationToday Andy (my DoP and fellow collaborator) on this film, and I went on the final location recce and then started the task of setting the indoor set for the shoot. A friend and fellow film lover had agreed to allow us to use their front room as the set for the bedroom scene. So we had the not inordinate challenge of making a quirly “brother’s” bedroom out of what we had available to us. This was made somewhat easier that the front room had recently been used as the location for a “Woodland Party” so we had ample interesting props at our disposal.

The location had it’s challenges from a technical filming perspective. The lighting for one. The afternoon sun would make the room very bright and quite hot. However thanks t strong curtains and some ingenious application of masking tape by our location manager, we managed to create a variable and appealing look to the location.

Our location manager/caterer/runner had previously demonstrated her resourcefulness when she had found us a large mirror that had been abandoned in the street. This was a wonderful addition to our set design and allowed for some interesting shots – in particular it allowed me to use the mirror to in effect increase the location size by almost double.

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