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T-Act Sessions

T-ACT: Acting Workshops


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Attention ALL Actors!

Whether you are new to Screen Acting or a seasoned professional and want to improve your skills or work on a specific performance… we have something for you.

Ever wondered how the stars do it? What is their secret to getting that breathtaking authentic performance?

We believe that this ‘secret’ ability is not innate or something only a few lucky individuals are born with. We believe it is an ability everyone possesses and can develop… you just have to know HOW to access it and then practice it until you have mastered it, like any other valuable skill.

Things are easier when you know HOW!

For instance, the illusive ability to reliably suspend one’s self-consciousness and ‘be in the moment’, we believe and have proved, is something that can be learnt and ultimately mastered.

Not only that…

T-ACT is an advanced course that will teach you very powerful techniques to help enlist your own UNLIMITED unconscious resources to create believable, authentic, characters with emotional depth and motivation to fuel any performance.

Because this is an ADVANCED technique we require all our actors to have attended these T-ACT Taster session before enrolling on the ADV T-ACT MASTERCLASS.

1) show you techniques to help you suspend your self-consciousness and more easily ‘be in the moment’ and
2) teach you techniques how to access your own inner emotional and psychological resources to build your character and
3) ‘get into character’ more easily whenever necessary to give an emotionally authentic performance when required, like the pros.

Although this technique is very powerful and can transform your performance we believe, like any other skill, ANYONE can learn it and ultimately, with practice, master it; It need not be THE WELL KEPT SECRET of the stellar few.

The size of these MASTERCLASSES is limited to ensure that each participant has the opportunity to make the most of this learning experience.

We aim to make this session a fun, positive, uplifting and rewarding experience. Acting is as much about a mindset, reliant on confidence, as much as it is about skills.

So by attending the ADV T-ACT MASTERCLASS you will have:
1) learnt powerful techniques that will help you suspend your self-consciousness
2) learnt how to build an authentic character by drawing on your own inner unconscious resources
3) learnt to access that character and authentic emotions more easily when ever needed on set
4) added these powerful techniques to your acting toolbox which you can practice and use going forward for any role for which you wish to prepare for in future
5) a fun, enjoyable experience that will help rejuvenate your energy and confidence in your talent and ability as an actor – giving you that LITTLE EDGE to help you achieve your goals.

If you have a specific important role or audition for which you want to perform at your best, we also offer further ONE-TO-ONE SESSIONS to all our ADV T-ACT attendees… specially focussed to YOUR INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS. >> See below.



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These are exciting new introductory 2 hour taster sessions to the basics of the powerful T-ACT technique and is aimed at actors of all levels of experience who are wanting to master these powerful acting tools.

You will get to work one-to-one or in a small group with an experienced film director and we use profession HD equipment and playback facilities to look at your performance.



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One-to-One (1-2-1) Acting Sessions

Duration: 2hrs



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Introduction to Screen Acting

Have you always wanted to give screen acting a try?

It is a fact that many well known actors have had little or no acting training, but relied on their natural instinct and abilities to guide and develop on the job. Would you like to find out if you have that natural spark?

Or do you just want a fun experience doing something different?

Then the Intro to Screen Acting Session is for you!

These are workshops aimed at people of all levels who would like a more extensive introduction to Screen Acting. You will get to work one-to-one or a small group with an experienced film director and we use profession HD equipment and playback facilities to enable you to analyse your performance.

In the classes you will have the opportunity to explore some of the following areas:

* Script analysis
* Understanding Subtext
* In what ways acting on camera is different
* Blocking & rehearsal techniques
* Would have gained experience in acting in front of the camera



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Kick start/refresh your Showreel sessions
Do you need to kick start your showreel, or update it with fresh material? We offer sessions to record monologues or short scenes either in private sessions or in small groups with an experienced film director and professional HD equipment.



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