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Why did I write “High Rack: the Story of an unlikely friendship”?

Now some of you might wonder why I chose to write a story about a FOX and a CHICKEN to start with, let alone why about a RELATIONSHIP between them.

“What relationship?” You ask. It’s all pretty straight forward, you’d imagine; the outcome pretty evident from the outset.

You may thing so, but I’d like to argue to the contrary.

Any of you who remembers that 1st adolescent crush will remember what its like to love and lust irrationally – to be smitten over that boy, or girl (the one your parents did not approve of), or God forbid… adult – older, wiser, more dangerous – so exciting, so forbidden, so intoxicating – so much so that your soul, your very existence depended on it – truly a matter of life and death!

Every word, every glance, every moment together… feeding your addiction… rocketing you to the highest of highs and sinking to the lowest of lows… feeling alive for the very first time – A feeling so fantastic, so awesome unlike anything you had ever experienced before or, for most of us, will ever again.

“Why?” You ask.

With age comes maturity and wisdom – a sobering wet blanket over the fire of innocent passion.

In fact, now that we have been burned, have unveiled the magic, and have become soberingly aware of the dangers of love and lust as grown adults or even parents ourselves, we now think we are qualified to pre-empt the outcome of the story of the fox and the chicken who fell in love.

I argue not…. Sometimes life and love can still surprise us, no matter how old, cynical or staid in our ways we are.

And that is why I wrote High Rack: The story of an unlikely friendship.

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