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CIA: The Shoot (Day 01)
Crikey! Just finished day one of the shoot for Pillow Talk. It was a fantastic day. The actors are really great. Steve, thanks for undertaking the role of Ralph. In particular, my lead female actor, Louise Lingwood, is a far better Melinda than I could possibly have hoped for. Thank you Louise!
The crew are really lovely and very helpful with a fantastic positive attitude! Debbie I hope this is a good 1st experience for you on set. Judy, thanks for the fantastic catering, looking after us all and controlling ground level. I have a fantastic DoP and his new baby seems to be performing really well! Thank you all very much guys for all your effort and being lovely. What more can one ask for?
The set turned out really well – almost exactly as I envisaged it, despite the sightly less optimistic members of the crew ;o) suggesting we might need expert lighting technicians! I think we might need a good colour grader to make sure the various moody womb-like oranges are all the same oranges but we will see what the rushes turn out like.
O.K. It is bed time now as I am completely shattered and it is a 5am start tomorrow to put together a rough edit before day two of the shoot.

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