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CIA: Casting out a hook to catch a treasure.
Wow, I have just finished making the final decision about my lead role in Pillow Talk. That was one of the hardest things I have had to do so far! The actors who auditioned were mostly outstanding with only the oddest exception. I had to review the audition tapes three times before I had a short short list of three candidates and then finally it came down to logistics, availability and pontifications regarding who was the precise match in my mind’s eye of the Melinda character – a luxury not a lot of short film makers experience, I’m sure.
From a director’s perspective I thoroughly enjoyed the different interpretation of the roles that came to light during the auditions. The actors brought new and profound depth to the characters and provided invaluable insight into the complexities of Melinda and Ralph’s relationship.
Over and above that, once again I thoroughly enjoyed working with the actors and learnt so much from each of them. They are amazingly talented individuals and I hope I provided the right environment and direction to allow them to show the quality of their metal.
Just to make sure I understood what this audition process was like from the other side I decided to put myself through the same drill and I have the audition tapes to prove it (although they will never be seen by another living soul for as long as I live). This was by no means an exercise to compare my lack of ability but just to find out what it must be like from the other side in the hope that I can do it better next time. I sincerely take my hat off to you all.
Thank you to..
every one that applied for these auditions
every one that was involved in the casting process.
Gus from the Pirate Castle for making your quaint little venue available to us for this occasion.
Ellie for being a stunningly good receptionist / runner on the days.
Andy for being DoP and my valuable collaborator on this project.
It was great fun and greatly appreciated having you all part of this process.

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