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CIA: Audition Short List
Ok, so the casting call closed yesterday. I had the pleasure of reviewing all the applications during the last two days. Wow! What a hard job! I was bowled over by the many high calibre applications we received and I found it exceedingly difficult to choose a short list. However, time is ticking by and needs must so this evening I sent off the emails to the successful applicants inviting them to Thursday and Friday’s auditions. I really am look forward to meeting and working with these actors at the auditions.
There is a slight caveat because after sending off all the invitations via Casting Call Pro I received a message saying that CCP’s administration needs to approve the emails and that this could take a few days. This was a bit of a shock as we only have a few days until the audition. So fingers crossed that admin approves my emails bright and early tomorrow morning. Pity they had not advertised this fact up front. The up side will be that at least all the intended applicants should receive their invitations via CCP. Only a few of you included your email addresses in the covering letter.
** Tip: It sometimes make life a lot easier if you provide all your details in the letter. Again make it simple and easy for us to pick you!!
I would also like to say a quick word of thanks to all who applied. Those of you who were not successful in this instance, is by no means any reflection on the quality of your work necessarily. I had to make sure I aimed the casting decisions at a very specific type of character that would be right for the role.

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