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We finally managed to get the ADR complete. That was a bit of a mission between organising with one set of lovely neighbours to halt their building works for the evening, pleading with our other lovely neighbours to postpone their musical rehearsal (something which we love listening to in our garden normally) and dodging the general persistent Tottenham sirens, not to mention feeding everyone to make sure there are no tummy rumbles.
Despite these logistical challenges imposed by low budget filming, it was great fun to work with Louise and Steve once more. They were both very good at doing the ADR and we certainly had a laugh while doing it, which always makes for a positive experience! Now it is up to me to make their words sync nicely with their brilliant performances – I can’t see that being too difficult and any inadequacies in getting this done seamlessly will be my own.
Thanks to you both for once again doing such a good jobs. Also thanks to Andy for helping out on the recording side and Jude for tending our most important needs – food & drink!!!
PS Andy, you are forgiven for the heart failure moment ;o).

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