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CIA: Auditions (26th & 27th May)
So the casting call is out and I am very pleased to be getting a steady stream of very high quality applications for both the lead roles. I understand the actors predicament though – there do not seem to be many meaty roles out there in short films for 30 plus leads, especially not for women. That is really sad!
However, what I find rather frustrating is that there are some actors (male and female) who do not even have a showreel on their Casting Call Pro or on Spotlight profiles. How is one supposed to select you for an audition when one has absolutely nothing by which to judge your skills?
The profile still photographs, however brilliant, and however beautiful they make you look are technically a complete farce, in my humble opinion. They do not give one any idea about what you have to offer to the moving picture screen in terms of presence on acting ability or even just believability. I say this with a caveat – I am not an acting or casting guru. However, surely it makes sense though? I know if I were an actor and I had anything to show for it I would definitely put up a reel or some links to my best work. And make it easy for us! Put the link in your covering letter so we don’t have to hunt for it, please.
Then, my second observation or question is: Why do all actresses have long hair? Have they all always had long hair? I get the idea that it is easier to cut one’s hair into the appropriate short haired style for that perfect role than it would be to grow it quickly for the auditions if a long haired actor is required. But surely the fact that you can upload umpteen photographs to Casting Call Pro is an idea opportunity to show off different looks – be they hair styles or make-up or anything that shows your versatility. If you don’t want to cut your hair – get a wig or take a risk while on holiday or something. What is the point of having a number of the same photographs (one black and white, one colour or perhaps a fraction of an angle different in pose).
Ok, I guess that is all my little insights for today.
So very humbly and respectfully I really want to say a very big Thank You to all those who have applied for the auditions of Pillow Talk. I am evaluating every application in detail and you will hopefully hear back form us during the course of next week. For those of you who are successful I look forward to meeting you at the auditions which will be held on the 26th and 27th May in Camden. For those that are not successful, good luck and I look forward to our paths crossing again in future.
If you happen to be one of those actors who do not have a showreell, or needing some help spicing up your photograph a little, get in touch (my email address is on my website www.Volventures.com), perhaps we can help you sort that out. It really is very hard to promote your talents without being able to show off who you are and what you capable of.

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