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CIA: Hidden Shadows
There is an interesting idea of the pregnant fish idea in the script of Pillow Talk. I had the idea that perhaps since the powerful element of shadows are hoping to enrich the subtext of the film, I would use an unreal shadow of a fish mobile that is not real or present but only represented in shadows. This is all fine and well if one can pull it off technically. So the big question is how to go about doing this in the film.
So, today I had the pleasure of playing around with photoshop, after effects and creating a test pilot. It was a simple proof of concept but it is very exciting. I am quite happy with the results. I think it has given me greater confidence about incorporating such an effect, as long as we remember to include markers on which to anchor the null pointers for the shadow’s motion tracking. That would make life a lot easier.
I still want to try the more sophisticated version of doing this in a full blown 3D application with camera tracking rather than the simple solution with after effects 3d shadow cast.

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