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Saying Sorry – Shoot Day 02

Day two of the Saying Sorry shoot was a great success. We started early with the set preparation and tested camera angles, light setups and finalised the plan for the day which was a little tricky. We had to stick to a very strict schedule as we needed just the right amount of natural light for each of our scenes and then just enough darkness to make our night scene believable but safe enough while setting up the outside lights and the sophisticate ( ;) hose, ladder, rubber gloves and unsuspecting rain maker) ) rain making system.

Well done and a big Thank you again to Jude, Erin, and Moira for their spectacular rain making. The film looks beautiful because of it! And thanks to Helen and the entire crew for working so hard to get this in the can (on the card??)

The acting was once again superb and it was a pleasure to work with such professional and talented actors.

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