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Saying Sorry – Shoot Day 01

We had had a successful pre meet last night in which we planned the course of events for the day as well as took care of general introductions between cast and crew. It was a lovely evening and we even managed to shoot one little test scene in the kitchen to start us off. The highlight was undoubtedly meeting such lovely people and being able to use such a lovely venue and the rain-making for the shoot.

Today was our first official shoot day. The morning started early and we were off to a very good start. Some of our key crew were not able to attend the after noon shoot due to critical prior engagements, nevertheless the rest of the remaining crew did a sterling job making up for the lack of hands. One person with a clapper and a boom in hand at the same time was not an unlikely sight.

Well done to both cast and crew for their great contributions to the afternoon session.
Today’s highlights include Vince’s star performance, some more excellent rain-making and the brilliant performances from both Natasha and Fleur!

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