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CIA: Cast & Crew Screening!

On Friday evening we had the Caught In Amber cast and crew screening in Haggerston.

It was a fantastic event with a great turnout. Even more wonderfully, the feedback from the audience after the screening was overwhelming! It seems as if everyone really liked it and enthusiastically gave their views and input on how the film made them feel and the journey they went on as the audience while watching the short film.
Thank you to each and everyone for attending the screening and for your valuable input afterwards. It really is appreciated!

I’d like to say a very big Thank You to the cast and crew and everyone else that got involved in making sure that this film not only got made but turned out so well!

Lastly, a special Thank You to Monika for letting us use your venue for the evening’s screening!

I look forward to offering this little gem to a few film festvals and see what else we can learn about film making.

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