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CIA: A new spark
Well as I said fate has a funny way of working. Previously I mentioned the lovely Debbie whom it turns out did not only give me the opportunity to practice my elevator pitch before my interview for NLFP, she also happened to know and be connected to a group of very lovely aspiring film makers. I finally had the pleasure of meeting with them last night in a pub (as you do) to find out more about what they do and what their aspiration are. Apparently Debbie had told them about the Pillow Talk project and they were interested in finding out more, with the view to getting involved.
They were fantastic. I had a thoroughly wonderful evening and they seem to have a few very interesting projects on the go too.
Unfortunately I am off to South Africa for about a month now so we will continue the conversations and plans about how to progress Pillow Talk on my return.
All very exciting! Fingers cross this leads to a Shoot!!

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