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First Out’s – Last Breaths

To say thanks:

We went down to the famous First Out venue in St Giles Street, in the heart of London to witness the last few days of this treasured venue before they serve their last orders for good at 23h00 on the 29th October 2011. The atmosphere was bitter sweet with people coming from all over the world to pay their respects to Maria and Malcolm and the team and enjoy a coffee or delicious vegetarian meal for the last time while absorbing the friendly environment.

While we were there we invited the clientèle to tell some of their stories and share their fond memories of the past 25 years that this humble little venue has provided a refuge, a second home and family to so many people in London.

It was a very moving, rewarding experience and a privilege to have so many of you share your wonderful stories with us. Thank you!

First Out – Last Orders

To say thanks:


We listened to people tell their stories as First Out serves their last orders.


The well loved café bar, First Out, served it’s last orders at the end of October 2011. The VolVentures and Whipped Cream Team went to listen to the fond memories and stories told by some of the hundreds of loyal customers and staff that gathered from all over the world to say their goodbyes.

Director’s Notes

When we heard that First Out was closing at the end of October 2011 we rushed down there at short notice with our kit and captured what we could in amidst the joy, tears and chaos. First Out was a London, UK and World phenomenon – a safe but fun place for LGBT community – an alternative to Clubland and all the crazy drama of the scene – a place to meet and organise – a second home. We felt a strong need capture the memories and stories and we were grateful to be welcomed by the staff and customers.

Whipped Cream Productions is the banner for an alternative women’s media production entity and portal. We are a group of women interested in making short films, feature films, dramas about and for women focussing on portraying an alternative, more empowered, image of women. Not only the guys can kick arse, save the world and ride off into the sunset. Our aim: “Rewrite our history and our future though fiction!”

This project was one of the first, in hopefully many, that aim to raise the profile of the gay and lesbian culture, media, film and narrative.



Project Crew

Producer, Writer, Director, DoP – Wollie Boehm


Camera 01 – Andy Demetriou


Camera 02 – Jude Dempsey


Camera 03 – Helen Ibach


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