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CIA: The reversal
So the interview process was as horrific as expected. Horrific in the sense that any job interview is. But, I think I handled it well enough and they seemed suitably impressed by the project, the vision and the preparation I had done.
It is funny sometimes how fate works. Just before I was meant to go in for the interview I bumped into a woman I vaguely knew from the council. We had a brief chat and she asked me what my project was about. That gave me much needed opportunity to try out my elevator pitch. Thanks Debbie that helped a lot!
Anyway, it is now a week later and I have just received word that out of the final batch that were chosen to go for interview mine was not to be one of the winning applications.
How do I feel? Of course I am devastated but I need to get over it quickly. I do want to continue with the project and make the film so I need regrow a thicker skin, leanr from this experience and their feedback and get back out there to find my team and the money to make it.

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