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RIF: Repaid in Full (Short Film) by Red Creative

I was asked to help Red Creative Media as their DoP/’dogs body’ :o on their very exciting short film that they are making called Repaid in Full. It is a fantastic Roman Zombie movie.

We had to shoot the final scenes where the two protagonists get slaughtered in their bed by an ancient decaying zombie on a mission to retrieve the stolen gold from the clutches of our greedy protagonists. This scene was great with lots of blood, guts and gore.

The second sequence we had to shoot was a series of night shots in a field when the zombie arises from his grave, limps through the field and enters the house to the unsusecting celebrating protagonists. This was a wonderful eerie scene with dim blue lighting and a fantastic grave contraption from which the zombie emerged. I look forward to working on those scenes in post to enhance them with some atmospheric CGI effects.

The star of the day/night was definitely the mummy and the fantastic special effects make-up which really scared me even as we were setting up the shots in broad daylight. I really look forward to seeing the final film – what a treat that will be.

I do feel for Mike, the mummy actor, for the pain he had to endure as the latex was peeled off him at 2am in the morning giving him a complimentary all over body wax. Well done mate!! Very very brave!! Rather you than me!

I really look forward to working with Andy, Steve and all the guys involved with Red Creative again very soon.

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