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CIA – ADR update!

Finally we have managed to ringfence some constructive time to wrestle with the sound on this little gem of a film. A couple of weeks ago we managed to lay the ADR tracks quite successfully, thanks to Louise Lingwood and Steve Gibbs for doing a sterling job on the ADR recordings!! That has made my job a lot easier than most. Wow and having nice crisp clear dialogue has really made a difference!

But now for the foley and general sound design and tweaking. I know how important the sound really is in any film but I must confess this is not my forte and as soon as I have an opportunity I will need to find a good sound designer who can do justice to the films we make.

However for the moment, needs must so we persevere. If anyone reading this knows a good sound designer who might be interested in getting involved in our projects, please let us know. We WILL be eternally grateful!!


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